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About Hazel Queen

Hazel Queen is a traditional supplier of Diamonds & Diamond look alike accessories to big companies & brands since 1875.Most of the exquisite diamonds produced in the world comes from Botswana & then sent to India for refinement .Since diamond production went down in last 20 years ,the prices skyrocketed  &  need for artificial diamonds came in .This is where Hazel Queen dominated the market with its production facilities & unmatched qualities .We Deliver more than 10 Million  diamond lookalikes merchandise to jewelry brands every year with warehouses in USA,India & China . In 2019 ,we directly started selling diamond lookalike merchandise from our online platform

Are our products Fake diamond ?

No .They are HQ™ Stone. Its an entirely different material which looks & feels like diamond and has remarkable similar properties.Since it is relatively easier to manufacture & procure ,prices are less. In fact many of the Celebrities wear diamond like stones  at various events & functions

Really , Do Celebrities wear it too ?

Yes and a lot. In fact most of Celebs  wear HQ™ Stone to events .It is cheap , looks real & in case it gets lost or stolen ,there is nothing to worry .Moreover ,Celebs need to wear different jewelry on different occasions & with different dresses and it becomes a huge cost if they start wearing the original diamond.Cost of a 2 carat diamond is $100,000+ .Even if they attend 8-10 functions in a month the cost would be upwards of a million dollar !

Can anyone spot the difference between Diamonds & HQ™ Stone?

No . It is not possible to tell the difference with a naked eye .It is only possible with a diamond testing machine Hundreds of Tests & studies have been done to test this .The Moh scale, Shine/Brilliance, refractive index & durability of HQ™ Stone & Diamonds are quite similar

Why is there no Hazel Queen branding on Products ?

We have traditionally supplied to more than 100 retailers around the globe who add their own branding on our products.Hence we are specialized in producing products without our branding/logo etc .We have also realized that a lot of people use our products for Gifting & do not want the receiver to know the actual prices of our products

Will No One know the real prices/about HQ if I gift your Products ?

Yes . With no branding/logo on our products , no one will know the real prices of the products they are receiving and where they came from. Most of the other diamond replacement companies add their own branding & it becomes easy to know the real prices by a simple online search of their website or store.

Cost Difference between Real diamonds & HQ™ Stone

Real diamonds of 2 Carats cost anywhere between USD 80,000 to USD 150,000 while the cost of HQ™ Stone is less than 0.5% of it

Okay , So all Diamond replacement products are super cheap ?

No .Most of the Brands sell  diamond replacements products for anywhere between USD 1500 -USD 9800 .In fact we are supplying the same material to these brands.The shipping cost and branding cost are huge and big brands are selling the products up to 20 times of their original price.

Are there any Guarantees & Warranties ?

We Offer a 3 year limited guarantee on damage or unexpected changes in refractive index,shine & brilliance or any damage caused by shipping .

Delivery/Shipping of HQ™ Stone

We use different courier companies for products shipped in different countries like FedEx,USPS, Canada Post ,Royal Mail etc  . For US /North America orders we typically deliver in 7-10 days. For other countries it usually takes between a week or two.

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